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"Customs Scientific Journal" is a scientific and practical journal on customs and foreign economic activity, founded in 2011 by the University of Customs and  Finance supported by the Regional Training Center for the European Region of the World Customs Organization.

The journal releases scientific and review papers on the main problems of foreign economic activity, partnership of customs administrations and business entities, professional education in the field of customs, implementation and enforcement of the World customs Organization standards, review articles on experience in implementing institutional development strategies of customs administrations of member states of the World Customs Organization, works of young scientists in the field of customs and foreign economic activity, abstracts and announcements.

Employees of customs administrations, customs educational institutions, as well as research institutions of the European countries, in particular, Austria, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, etc., are currently publishing their materials in the scientific journal. The specialized journal is one of the few in the international scientific environment to study the issues of customs regulation professionally.

Periodicity: 2 times a year.

Language: English.

The editorial team receives and registers DOI for the articles.

The journal is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (State registration certificate of series КВ № 23738-13578ПР dated 21.11.2018)

ISSN International Centre assigned the identifiers for the journal “Customs Scientific Journal”:
ISSN 2518-1599 (Online) and ISSN 2308-6971 (Print) 

In 2018, the journal was re-registered and included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine (category “b”) in public administration, juridical, economic sciences in accordance with the Order of MES of Ukraine dated 17.03.2020 No 409 (Annex 1) in specialities 051 – Economics, 071 – Accounting and taxation, 072 – Finance, banking and insurance, 073 – Management, 075 – Marketing, 076 – Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange abilities, 081 – Law, 262 – Law enforcement, 281 – Public management and administration, 292 – International economic relations, 293 – International law.

The journal is included in the international scientometric database Index Copernicus International (the Republic of Poland).

The scientific journal “Customs Scientific Journal” consolidates well-known scientists and practitioners in the field of customs and foreign economic activity.

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